Friday, September 13, 2013


Haiku Friday: The Best Tree

You gotta have a favorite tree.  You just gotta.  Maple, oak, elm, The Larch, whatever... and this is the time to savor them.  The fruit trees are giving us fruit, the foliage is about to bust out-- it is a time of the year defined by trees.  So let's haiku about them.

I look down often
Eyes searching for that first one-
Perfect maple leaf.

Now you get to write one!  Make it 5/7/5, syllable-wise, and about a tree or related entity, and the world will be a better place.

Fall, Minnesota,
Orange, red, yellow, brown, gold,
simple maple tree.
"The Giving Tree" rules
But the boy doesn't see it
What a selfish jerk!
Here in Washington,
best trees are the ones bearing
the low hanging fruit.


Branches reach skyward
Roots run deep, one hundred years,
Oak, aged beauty

-Uncle Oaks-

Last night when the bride
Wore red,and married her lover
In Irvine Park,Oaks

Joined misshapen fingers
One with each other's,and made
A web of protection

Over sublime adventure.
Bride and groom,lips redtender,
Dark eyes as dark leaves.

So tall,so old,Oaks
Hovered to hear vows of wistful Children holding hands.

I take thee,we take them
To be our saplings ever.
To grow in our grove.
Thank you for the opportunity to rewrite one of two haiku I wrote on the same topic in early June --

~~Giant Gingko in Oak Park~~

Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in
Oak Park, sits near an arbor --
one massive Gingko.

Covering much of
a half acre, it invokes
green earth reverie.

Sit there. Feel yearning
to heal the whole of the planet --
Good Eden’s rebirth.

PS Texpat's got it cleverly and sadly right!
lovely Rebecca K
Thank you, Christine.
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