Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Congratulations, IPLawGuy!

IPlawGuy, Superlawyer!
by: oslerguy

It actually is true-- IPLawGuy has been named a Super Lawyer.  It is well deserved; I often hold him out as a model to my students, in the way that he serves his clients and his profession.


Great going, IPLG!!! Add his super lawyer status to his Redskin super fan status and you get a beau ideal gentleman and statesman and all-around nice fellow.

Congratulations IPSuperLawyer! And chill, no need for extra groin protection just yet. For now I’ll be busy going through the list of Land Use/Zoning Super Lawyers. Sincerely, Pickles
congrats, IPLG! well-deserved honor, i'm sure.
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