Saturday, March 02, 2013


Tomorrow at Church!

Thursdays talk at the 331 Club (pictured above) was a lot of fun-- one thing about talking in a bar is that you end up talking not only to whoever came to see you, but some folks who thought they were just going to a bar. I kind of like that.

Tomorrow, at 10:15, I will be speaking at St. Stephens here in Edina, on the topic of this article. I want to make it exciting, so I'm thinking about something along the lines of the video below. I have most of the pieces lined up, but does anyone out there know how to play the guitar and own a giant ice cream cone outfit? It helps if you are also Episcopalian.

"Revenge!" There are few words that tear at my heart more than this. In a moment of rage before the calm, 'avenge' would better define my emotions - and while seeking to still the surges of anger, a desire to 'exact satisfaction' often surfaces.

Satisfaction contemplated or mouthed in the presence of the Holy Spirt most assuredly guides one's heart to mercy and forgiveness - as circuitous a process the heart and mind may require.

Moments of 'calm' in any storm are precious as we are given opportunity to collect our thoughts, still our emotions, and often chart a slightly different course - seeking satisfaction built upon justice shared.

During moments of calm if voice is not raised, we will continue to relive storms past. Revenge's clammer we wish to replace with a 'Comforting Hush' begins with those closest to our heart - a beginning we are called to nurture and sustain with the next closest heart, and the next and the next and . . .
Cute hair and smile on poster.Congrats!
That's it,Christine! I'm packing you off and starting a collection for seminary. Good Writing!
Thank You everyone for all the kind words.

How can I not speak and write of Love 'Here' when I am surrounded by all of you!
Episcopalian? Why does that matter? Every Episcopal Church I've ever been to has been full of semi-lapsed Catholics, some Lutherans, random Baptists of every persuasions and occasional Jews and more than a few agnostics. One of the key tenets is that "All are Welcome at the Lord's Holy Table."
Ah, but I think I long-time Episcopalian like yourself, IPLawGuy, will be best at playing guitar while dressed as a giant ice cream cone.
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