Friday, February 15, 2013


Haiku Friday: Choosing your college

A few days ago, I told the story of how I chose to go to William and Mary. Most, but not all Razorites have a similar story; for those of you who didn't go to college (often a decent choice) or haven't yet had the chance (because, say, you are in 9th grade), go free-form and haiku about what you did when you left high school, or where you hope to go.

Here is mine:

Lemon drops did it;
Smiths fed them to me for years!
Then I was ready.

Now, it's your turn! Just make it 5 syllables/7/5, and write only in English, Spanish, French, or Romanian.

My dad went there, and
His dad went there, so they both
Led me quite astray.
Without much guidance
chose academic challenge
William & Mary
Love Dr. Pepper
Green's my favorite color
There was never doubt.

Mom said to stay close;
Far-off places intrigued me,
But I obeyed her.

Consequently, I
want my kids to see the world!
Pursue their own dreams.
Nobody cared where
I went to college until
I moved to DC.

(Here, it’s a big source of self esteem.)
These were parent's dreams:
Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale.
I applied to two.

But somehow I knew:
Wellesley women will prevail!
Only to be there.
Full scholarship?! Sweet!
I aspired to do nails
Tests said otherwise
Small, pretty campus
Albion, dear Albion
Not too far from home
Detmer disected
Canes in '90. I chose school
'Cause of one great game?

Alas, one moment,
Triumphant as it was, fueled
Inifinte passion.

Still, one moment,
Irrelevant as it was,
Birthed great decision.
Get into college
With least possible effort?
Baylor had FastApp!

Received acceptance
By text message, I knew it
Was the place for me!

But hey, cut me some of my high school
Class didn't graduate!
No money for school.
Joined the Air Force for credit.
Night school grad in four.

Credit for training.
Plus classes at a small school.
B.S. with no debt.

Toured the Southeast
ended up in Ohio
I really messed up

gateway out of Michigan
toward warmer climes....

old Miami U
red brick, cirn fields, beer, pizza
no sunny beaches
that's CORN not cirn --oops
I'm glad to see that everyone else's choosing process was as logical as mine...
Mount Holyoke called
From pictures of chic girls
But Dad held purse strings.

I was dreaming what
I never was. Universe of

Russian House with hunchback
Housemother. High School Russian
Teacher went there. Jumped!
Gustavus Adolphus
Grew up two blocks from Old Main,
It was destiny.
Me hago la pregunta:
¿Qué he hecho yo?
Love the frozen north
U-M-D is expensive.
Go Yellowjackets!
Yellow legal pad,
Dad says, "List all pros and cons."
Wake Forest it is...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dad, Aggie. Mom, Bear.
Mom took us to Homecoming
for years. That did it.
Farmer's daughter drove
Twenty-five miles to campus
And met the cosmos.
Got in, U of M!
Nope, the 'rents throw a veto;
Hello Wayne State U.
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