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Every few years or so, I take a month off of drinking any alcoholic beverages. It's not that I'm much of a drinker the rest of the time-- pretty much just wine with dinner-- but I think it's good to take an inventory of what the role of drinking is in your life.

During these periods, I'm always surprised that I notice the role of alcohol in society more. I see the ads everywhere, notice all the places it is sold, and am more aware of when other people around me are drinking. It's like a part of life that is usually in the background pops out.

Has anyone else tried this, with a similar result?

I've "tried" this my entire life for religious reasons. Every invitation for drinks after work or a cocktail mixer is a reminder of the choice you make. It seems that is has grown more socially acceptable not to drink. Or perhaps I'm just growing older. Or my peer group is changing.
My husband doesn't drink, so I now see things differently, through his eyes.
It has been interesting to transition from a Southern, religious, dry undergraduate institution (Baylor) to a Northeastern, secular, thoroughly soaked law school.

Because I was employed by Baylor for most of my time there, my personal involvement with alcohol was generally infrequent and behind closed doors. But I spent a lot of time dealing with the aftermath of other students' excessive imbibing, so I have seen what can happen when alcohol (for a variety of reasons) occupies a larger role in one's life than it should.

I have done my best--with varying degrees of success--to carry those lessons forward into a law school culture that often revolves around drinking. Today's post is a useful reminder that I should occasionally evaluate and realign my own drinking habits. Thanks!
I own a bar, I likes to party, and I ain't no quitter. So, I have no frame of reference for what you're talking about.

Drink 'em and smoke 'em if you got 'em.
i own a bar, i likes to party, and i ain't no quitter.
but, i used to take 3 weeks off every year after st. patty's day and experienced the same thing you do, Mark. i would just chalk it up to "jonesing."

It's cute how you two own the same bar.
It surprises me that people prefer to drink and socialize in public bars. Costs aside, I prefer intimate scenes where I can converse with a few friends.
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