Thursday, January 31, 2013


Haiku Friday: Winter

This is a simple one.

Here is mine:

Revel in quiet
The snow hushes us all now
"cept shovel's hard blade.

Now it is your turn... Use the 5/7/5 syllable format, and the winner gets a bio here on Monday.

I hope I'm doing this correctly! Really enjoying this blog, Professor Osler.

Snow forts with sisters,
Careful--wet socks leave frost bite,
Boot-hockey with dad.

Snow-drifts, shoulder-height;
Ice-hut village on the lake,
Me, child of the north.
Winter, in prison,
and the food was real good. Now
set me free warden.
Too cold for flip flops
Mosquitos sleep. Patio!
Texas swamp winter.
Hats, scarves, coats, mittens
Wind, rain, snow by the North Sea
St. Andrews, Scotland
Shorts and a jacket,
because Texas seasons change
from morning to noon!

A seasonless place
Where rain follows heat and rain
But the days are short
You call this winter?
Eighties in January?
It's just "Not Summer."
Flakes drift, singular, clustered
A warm blanket, white
Winter in Waco,
Soft sunlight warms my bald head,
Minnesota ice.
Woke my son up early.
"Can I say a bad word, please?"
"Holy Crap, it snowed!"
Winter excuses
Time to work on other house
Down in S. Tampa

Bronzed skin, freckles
Sunshine warms my aging bones
sweet, fresh orange juice

Leaves swirl from limbs
Pollen drifts from ancient Oaks
sweep into neat piles
Asthmatic oldest
skis in subzero weather
Hello urgent care.
A beautiful fire
Images of yesteryear
Warmed by remembrance.
The sun's down by 4?
How do you walk home from school?
Dark is worse than cold.
I was different then
When I wrote, twelve hours ago
Now I am a mom :)
Congrats Jessica!

Congrats Jessica???
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pure white, spark and fall
In moonlight. Snowplows and salt
Disdain perfection.
The rose blooms yet in
Her cheeks,this Scottish lass.He,
Fragile,waters it.

He was broken,a drone
In business. She a queen
Bee,always airborne.

Now they approach the
Winter,contented.Each helps
Love's bud flourish.
I didn't ask for this
Petrified limbs,face crying
Mercy.Crazed Snowman.

Layered like lasagna
I look for shelter. No smiles.
Every branch sagging.

The wind gnaws my ass.
The cold breaks my bones.I am
Beaten--futile war!
Jeez,Geoffrey! What a whiner!

She put carrots in
Celery,spuds,stew meat,heat
To make cold bones dance.

Winter was hard,like
Frigid iron. They needed
Soup resurrection.

Her goslings,four young
One graying drake,flapped about
The creek bed.Priest saw.

He strewed corn. Like this
In his homilies,he kept his flock
Alive through the long snows.
Awwwwwwww,Jessica! Congratulations! Care to divulge some details?! This is very exciting!
Dad!? She wondered.Cheeky
Red bird calling from bare branch.
Cardinal home run.
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