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Change Razor

Since I started blogging here in 2006, it surprises me what has changed, and what has not:

1) For this entire period, traffic on the blog has been remarkable consistent, with about 200-350 hits per day. There have been spikes and lulls, of course, but about 90% of the time, traffic has been in that range.

2) The ebbs have been predictable, too-- there is almost always lower traffic on weekends and in the summer.

3) One significant traffic pattern has emerged from my move from Texas to Minnesota. When I worked at Baylor, there was almost always a spike in traffic during final exams. The opposite is true at St. Thomas-- during finals, traffic goes down.

4) The people, of course, have changed over time. Some, like IPLawGuy, RRL, and Christine, have been constants from the start. Others, like Lane and TradeLawGuy, were frequent contributors, then dropped out of sight.

5) IPLawGuy (pictured above) has observed that Minnesotans are less active on the blog than Texans, and I think he is probably right, at least in regard to my students. Why might this be?

6) What might I do to improve the blog? I'm open to suggestions... I have been posting every day for six years, so it is easy to get in a rut!

1) More posts about technology breakthroughs like the Bug-A-Salt and silly string distribution devices
2) Keep everything else the same.

St. Thomas doesn't seem to have the same internal poltical struggles and whacky sets of boards and donors as Baylor. Maybe it was the heat.

So I suggest you need some local controversy in the Twin Cities.

Maybe invite Michelle Bachman and Al Franken to guest blog
What is "Bug-A Salt?"
I believe this is the Bug-A-Salt:

And now I want one.
RRL, you NEED one. Each employee at Scruffs should be strapped with one in the hotter months.
And they are great for family gatherings. Even if there are no bugs, it will get used. Be creative and brave and there is no limit to the fun you and your family can have.
More recipes, more rants and definitely more mumblings.
This is your "caviar," isn't it,Professor?! For me,it is an addiction I never want to quit. I love IPLawGuy's suggestion for Guest Bloggers.But,as I enjoy your presence here,I can't allow it too awfully much. More music,I think. That's all. I so delight in everyone who comments here. Congratulations!
You're the only person I know who gets real discussion on a blog, whether it's a serious issue or something as epic as BBQ.
More cowbell.
Anon 7:29, you are freaking genius.

also, more stuff from your dad. maybe he doesn't want to contribute more than he does, so that could be a factor, but whenever your dad's presence has been made known on the razor, it has been felt.
and felt strong.
IPLawGuy looking very debonair unshaven in lawyerclothes. A poet's shirt might be nice.Or: a smoking jacket.
What's a poet's shirt? And where do I get one?
A poet's shirt is a shirt of a sexy substance like silk or pure cotton,kind of blousy with ruffles at the wrist and maybe some at the color or down the front (in the manor of a jabot. The good news is that it's loose and you don't have to wear a tie,because the ruffles are your fanciness. Unfortunately they are not in fashion at the moment,and so you would need to be making a statement of style of sorts.I recommend ebay or a costume store on line. This poet's shirt will set off your tanned skin and you will become virtually irresistible.So,be advised! See Jerry Seinfeld's famous poet's shirt show. Bon Chance!
Good news! IPLawGuy: you can purchase this on a site called "etsy,"under the title,"medieval renaissance pirate poet's shirt!" Isn't that appealing! Or: on a site called "Gentleman's Emporium!" Do let Osler post a photograph of you wearing it that we all can enjoy!
IPLawguy is right. From all I can gather we have nothing like the Baylor crazed internal politics at UST. We do have a committee about having committees, but that's not so much whacky as in keeping with how groups of people act like groups of people.

I think a little more local news might draw a more local crowd. You know Minnesotans love nothing more than Minnesota.

IPLawGuy - try the Thrift Store for a Poet shirt.

I agree with Megan and Renee. I enjoy visiting and discussing topics on the Razor. A diverse community of differing, but informed. opinions shared with people we may or may not know.

And I'm going to go to Nat'l game in DC sometime so I can meet IPLawGuy

If you come to a Nationals game with me, should I wear a poet shirt?
Indubitably. Don't forget your sky blue knickers and matching argyle socks! Or we shall all be incredibly disappointed...and we can't have that,now,can we?!
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