Monday, December 03, 2012


Haiku winner: Renee! (with an assist from Ang)

This week's winner, Renee, is already in the Razor Hall of Fame, and is only adding to her legend at this point. This week's winners included this poem:

How much will you pay
For true love? Money does not
Work. Love does. Just love.

One reason it was perfect was how closely it followed this deeply loving poem from Ang:

It was our last hug:
Four Christmases ago now -
December is hard.

Wish I'd held on tight!
Could've, should've, would've. Sigh.
Miss you, Brother Bear.

Not since Neil Alan Willard and Megan Willome performed a liturgical dance have two artists (at least on the Razor) combined to such effect.

There are, of course, some things still to reveal about Renee's rich and well-lived life. For example, we have the period in which she left Northwest Airlines to its own devices for a few years, and devoted herself to the art of a good meal. With her partner, Rene De l'Ephain, she opened a series of themed restaurants which changed the face of popular cuisine in the Northwest hubs of Detroit, Memphis, and Minneapolis. In Memphis, they debuted a new concept in dining: A pork-focused fine dining restaurant which featured tiny but perfectly prepared portions. Their undoing, unfortunately, may have been the name they chose, "Piglet's Demise," and a sign that prominently featured a weeping Pooh bear holding a tiny discarded grey sweater.

The same problem attached to their effort in Detroit, "Prof. McGillicuddy's Mustache Emporium," where there was some confusion between the theme (waiters and waitresses with mustaches) and the food on the menu (which was free, generally, of hair).

Finally, they were too far ahead of their audience in Minneapolis when they opened the first make-your-own-frozen-yogurt-combination place, the Evil Yogurt Lab. Later, they sold this to a conglomerate which dropped the "Evil" (and toppings like arsenic and drywall screws) and made a fortune.

Congratulations, winners!

Loved your poem, Renee! It's an honor to share a post with you. :)
"Piglet's Demise." That made my day.

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