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Haiku Friday: Dumb things my sister/brother/parent/kid/friend did....

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Posted above is about my favorite warning sign ever, from Yellowstone Park. It apparently warns against standing on a geyser that is going off (the event depicted seems mild-- the exploding of scalding water succeeds only in knocking Doofus's hat off). My favorite detail, off to the left, is the alarmed little sister pointing at her idiot sibling.

So, let's haiku today about dumb things people do! I'll go first:

I saw this one kid
Try to skate with skate guards on...
Oh, wait-- that was me.

Now it is your turn! Make if 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and the winner gets their biography posted here on Monday!

The ball game over,
Rick walked toward the parking lot,
reaching for his keys

His pocket empty,
he wondered where they could be;
no one else had them.

He saw his car --
engine running, door open--
three hours like that!

Too hard to do a really good haiku for this, but impossible for me to pick a better subject for this category. True story: my brother went to a game at Yankee Stadium. Got out of his car and watched the whole ball game and returned to his car to discover that he had left car running with the keys in the ignition and the door open. How the car was not stolen - in the Bronx no less - is a mystery.
Double-dog dare you:
Put Drano on your tongue, Bob.
I was dumb. I did.

On a movie screen,
jumping off a moving train
looks easy. It's not.

Trust me - even at a slow speed, I got cut up pretty badly when I did this in Thailand.
Susan, when I lived in England in the days before cellphones, I had a lawyer friend who took the express overnight train to Glasgow from Bristol. As they pulled out of the train yard. He thought, "Some poor schmuck left his lights on the parking lot!" When he got closer, he saw that it was his car. No way to call his wife until they reached Glasgow the next morning. Didn't sleep well, I suspect.
Not everything you
Read in a survival guide
Should be tried at home...

...especially when you're 12.
That "empty" paint can?
As it turns out, it was not.
You and your BBs!!
I would tell you, but
That would just open the door
To stories of me.

There is a sacred
Trust between us, a tight bond;
Sealed circle of trust.

Ha, ha! Just kidding!
He bleached his hair with Clorox!
Fried his little brain.

The dumbest part was
Not the bleach. It was telling
His big-mouthed sister.
Wow, I admit it
in a moment of weakness
I turned on Fox News

My sister-in-law
suggested we broaden our
liberal mindset

with amazing poise
my husband remained silent
and kept his mouth shut

As they drove away
she eagerly waved good bye
New York Times, in hand....
we thought perhaps she needed to broaded her mindset too..
Hence, we gave her our NY Times...
don't do it, please don't!
don't do it, please don't do it!
i told you so, tim.
educate yourself about the other side of the argument.
otherwise, you're a simple, narrow-minded target for the person you're debating-- who did bother to read the new york times, and did so with a sponge-brain.

To Christine: Now THAT'S scary! I concede.
Drank Hi-C with ice.
Swallowed ice cube. Freaked out. Ran home, Drank hot water.


This was a kid down the street from me. Ironically he is not a Refrigerator and Air Conditioning repairman. No longer terrified of ice, I suspect.
Red faced Mom jerked son
up from third pew for squirming.
Marched out center aisle.

She did not know that
his coat was zipped to coat of
friend, bouncing behind.

The whole church watched and
laughed, and the pastor (father
of friend) said, "Amen".
-For my Brother,Nels-
I'm running away.
Birdie bit me.Packs wagon.
Raisin pie for supper. What!!!!!!!

-For my brother,Rock-
Over porch gold stream.
Mom:"Why?" Boy:"They can't see me
My eyes were closed."

-For Dallas-
Feels finals stress,decides
To ease with grass,forgets
Window fan. Cops raid.
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