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Intriguing facts about Edina, Minnesota

1) Apparently, John Denver lived here with his wife, Annie, from 1968-1971, during which he wrote some of his biggest hits, including "Country Roads." The Replacements' Paul Westerburg still lives here. Craig Finn of the Hold Steady lives here, and the song by that group, "Hornets! Hornets!" is a reference to the doofy high school mascot, a... well, a hornet. It's not very threatening. It does have fangs.

2) It is, oddly, the home of Dairy Queen headquarters. Shouldn't that be in Texas? I mean, really?

3) There are many unusual athletes who live or have lived in Edina: Kirby Puckett, Olympic hockey player Jenny Potter, Adam Goldberg, wrestler Ric Flair (there seems to be a lot of that around here), George Mikan, Lou Nanne, Mardy Fish, and a LOT of skiers.

4) The city isn't that big, but maintains 44 parks, three indoor ice rinks and about a dozen outdoor hockey rinks, a water park, two public golf courses and a "golf dome" (whatever that is). The 70-meter ski jump, though, is in the next town.

5) The High School has a 98% graduation rate, and 85% of the students go on to finish college within 5 years.

6) A bunch of movies were shot here (including parts of Fargo), most of which seem to involve winter sports.

7) America's first indoor mall, Southdale, is here, and there is an even fancier mall across the street.

8) Liquor is only sold in municipally-owned stores, which then fund youth activities, creating some strange incentives. Drink for the kids!

Can you imagine the angst of us here in Eden Prairie, seemingly a continual exercise in competing with everything Edina.

Though, I wouldn't have it any other way - many a good natured beer or glass of wine enjoyed while keeping score...

No joy on the prairie this March as our Eagles will not defend their Boys H.S. hockey championship this week...

Good Luck Hornets. Truth be told, many of our hearts are with Jack Jablonsky and the neighboring Red Nights of Benilde-St. Margarets...

Good Luck to All!
Hmmm, Dairy Queen HQ sounds tempting, but I think the winters would turn me into the guy from the Shining.
The Dairy Queen fact is an abomination. Still, it makes me want to go there and use my coupon for a free Dipped Cone.
Because HQ is here, we have the cleanest, best-run DQ anyplace.
You neglected to mention The Manor Homes of Pharisees of Edina,now featuring a replica of the Panama Canal in the back meadow,in an attempt to rectify drainage issues.Autographs of Famous Pharisees literally guaranteed! I would be pleased to host a tour of the facilities in my most festive hat,replete with pomegranate martinis and hors d'oeuvres. Seriously though,the schools are top notch in Edina. They're definitely doing something right.And I can feel free to leave my purse in the car overnight and it will be there in the morning...very important for one whose mind is often not on details.
So how does the edinese Systembolaget work? Do you have to prove Swedish ancestry to buy alcohol?
Systembolaget, literal English translation: the System Company is a government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden. It is the only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages that contain more than 3.5% (by volume) alcohol. If interested, the "governing laws" of Systembolaget makes for an interesting read.
... and why is it that you are so familiar with Swedish liquor laws?
I'm not. At least not in the Wikipedia kind of detail. Just that your no.8 Edina facts reminded me of Systembolaget, which is just another piece of useless trivia junk that colonizes space in my brain. Or I could say I've learned it from my recovering alcoholic Swedish boyfriend.
Marta - in NC we have ABC stores. They are state run and managed by a bunch of local good ole boys who take kick backs (shhhh....).

I like Edina's concept - "Support our schools - have a drink"!

What I would like to know - does Edina have an ordinance against ice skating under the influence?
No, Christine, no we don't. After all, it is for the children!
No Angst for me. Even though the Eden Prairie Eagles will not be participating in Minnesota's Holy Week, we should admit that they've had their share of the limelight.

Girls Soccer
Girls Cross Country
Boys Tennis
Boys Track & Field

Boys Soccer
Boys Hockey

Boys Swimming

Our kids athletics are supported in some part from the sales at Eden Prairie Liquors - $1 million in profit annually - used to support the city's Capital Improvement Fund (includes sporting venues and parks).
However, most of the athletic funding is generated through zealous parental groups. I suppose I'm a member of those groups - I've got a soccer player and a gymnast.

By the way, I once lived in North Carolina - where I appreciated the ability to buy good beer at the grocery store. - But I couldn't take the country music or the NASCAR.

Glad to have something in common with fellow Razorites Christine and New Christine
It typically ranks in the Top 3 for the best place to sleep in the U.S. But I don't know the criteria. I do know that San Antonio will never make that list, what with a large metro airport smack dab in the middle of the largest residential area in the city.
In Richfield, all the liquor tax goes to the parks. Quite the dynamic drinking duo between the two neighbor cities!
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