Monday, March 05, 2012


Haiku Winner: Sleepy Walleye!

Renee can't win every week! But, again, she gave us a lot to ruminate over, and I love it.

I'm going with this Eden Prairie-based niblet from the Sleepy Walleye:

Status symbol land
A Pleasant Valley Sunday
In Eden Prairie.

For those of you who don't know it, Eden Prairie is a Minneapolis suburb best known as the home of wrestling star Sgt. Slaughter.

Herewith is Sleepy Walleye's bio:

A longtime resident of Eden Prairie, Sleepy Walleye is a retired wrestler who now devotes much of his time to the development and construction of ice fishing structures, which he sells through a small lot adjacent to his home. He outfits the ice shacks with heaters, solar panels, coffee makers, and fish attractors, along with other accoutrement. His wife, Geener, assists him in this task, often adding abstract "art" pieces made out of felt which depict scenes from their marriage and young lives.

All hail, Sleepy Walleye!

You know,I have always wanted to make my abode in Eden Prairie...not because of its excellent shopping emporiums and fast-food delectability,but solely on the merit of its name. To live on a prairie strewn with wildflowers and alive with friendly beasts and birds in Eden would indeed be Heaven! So much improvement over the grandiosity of Manor Homes of Edina,where Pharisees lurk around every corner waiting for errant duchesses to commit a flagrant or not so flagrant error of an obscure edict.Congratulations to Sleepy Walleye on an excellent haiku. I am so grateful for the chance to write,and a weekly discipline in a very undisciplined life. I am shunning iambic pentameter now,to write solely in haiku.
I liked Tyd's ode to Marcia Brady
I think... it's "Marsha."
Have you thought of breaking this into different divisions: Pro’s (Renee), Pro-Am, Amateurs, wannbees, posers, etc. ??? And like in British League soccer … you can play yourself up or down (re: divisions) depending on your performance each season?
British soccer has a "Posers" division?

I should have known...
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