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Haiku Friday: Davey Jones (or similar)

Davey Jones died this week.

He was a member of the Monkees, which was a truly bizarre musical phenomena of the mid-1960's. The band was created to be in a tv show, and the band members were recruited through ads in Variety. In short, they were a fake band that was terrible even at lip-synching (see the video above), yet had some really good music written in their name by people like Neil Diamond, Carole King, and Harry Nilsson.

Here's the wonderful part, though: Even though they started out as fake musicians, they apparently worked pretty hard to make themselves into real ones. It was like a hippy version of Pinnochio. After two years, they were touring while playing their own instruments, and their 1968 album, Headquarters, was actually pretty good. In 1968 they also made the truly bizarre and interesting movie, Head. Head was produced by a very young Jack Nicholson and included appearances by Ronald Reagan, Toni Basil, Dennis Hopper, Victor Mature, Annette Funicello, stripper Carol Doda, Frank Zappa, Terri Garr, Green Bay Packer great Ray Nitschke, the Rockettes, and boxer Sonny Liston. Really. How can you not love that?

So, let's haiku about the Monkees, or at least something kinda related to them (I'll give you some latitude).

Here is mine:

I gotta admire
That they didn't want to be fake;
Pretty rare today.

Now it is your turn-- 5 syllables for the first line, then 7, then 5 again. I'll award the winner the traditional prize: Their bio in this space on Monday.

Was it a bathtub
in the opening scene? Or
a bed? Maybe both?
In her room,door shut
She painted paisleys,Davey
Jones sexed up teen hell.

She moved to Beegees
Beatles,Cream,Vanilla Fudge
Joplin and birth control.

She learned Spanish,this
Budding Camille...played Queens
Wicked and smoked weed.

Marched down the freeway
In Seattle,tens of thousands,
"We don't want your_____war!"

She married a Jesuit
Who loved,but didn't like her.
Had a sweet baby girl.

Struggled with sad,got
And lost many jobs. Lost her
Deco digs...found herself.

Would be lovely if
When you got to Clarksville,a
Knight kindness waited.
I sing myself this:
"Hey hey, we're in law school!"
It's kinda the same.
Milli Vanilli,
Could never hold a candle
To Davey's Monkeys.
Sold more records
Than Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper"
That is just so wrong!
SHA!!! How did you get DAVY
to your school? FAR OUT!
Adieu, sweet princeling!
One correction: Mike Naismith
Could play his guitar.


P.S Good un, Tydwbleach!

Then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Couldn't leave her
If I tried ...
Status symbol land
A Pleasant Valley Sunday
In Eden Prairie

The Monkees have always been a guilty pleasure - except when I was a kid watching reruns. That was actually pure pleasure. I wanted to be Mickey.
The Teen Beat poster
Taped in my room, I was a...
Day Dream Believer
Pineapple man shot
Outside Dakota.So much
Sweet light lost...wasted.
Monkeys on her back
Her Voice walked on searing coals
"Hold on"...JANIS?!!!!
He was no Monkee
Bad Boy Angel Lips begged Kiss
His Manvoice shook Doors.

("I have only one burning desire/Let me stand next to your fire." O Mah Goodniss. And goodniss had nuthin' to do with it!Jim Morrison.)
Electric guitar
Raked its fingers down backbone
To sweet spot.Jimi!

Had a pet Monkee
That he ate come breakfast time
Had The Archies: Lunch!
Did Monkees on wing
Force Otis Redding's plane down?
Raw baritone...ashes.

What we all want, in sit in the sun and
Watch the tide roll in.
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