Tuesday, March 06, 2012



There is a great story in the Washington Post today about the Republican former Governor of Maryland (Robert Ehrlich) starting a pardons clinic in DC, modeled in part after our commutations clinic and the wonderful work done by Marc Spooner, Nancy Ly, Victoria Wanta, and Derek Hanson.

There's one wrong thing in there, though-- I did not argue numerous cases in front of the Supreme Court. I worked on a bunch, and was lead counsel in Spears, but we won that one on the briefs despite it being a split decision with vigorous dissents and a ruling which reversed the 8th Circuit.

It's wonderful that what is happening here at St. Thomas is affecting people like Gov. Ehrlich and former White House Counsel Greg Craig.

If only the commenters over at the WP had a clue what they were talking about (other than their general dislike of the former Maryland Governor).
What's the big difference between briefing and arguing, huh?

WaPo did a good job with the story, but they could (should) have focused more on the existing commutations clinic rather than the theoretical pardon clinic.

Still, it's nice when a news article gives you MORE credit for something and not less! Now, let's all roll up our collective sleeves get this thing done....
P.S. Congrats on the article, BTW.
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