Saturday, March 03, 2012


Busy, Busy Law Professor!

I have a lot to look forward to this week! Fortunately, it is all happening here in Minneapolis.

On Monday, I'll be introducing Baylor Prof. Frank Beckwith before he speaks to the Federalist Society here at St. Thomas. It will be good to see him again; though we often disagree, I think he is an articulate and important voice on many of the issues I care about.

Then, on Tuesday, I've got two gigs besides my crim law class. At 12:30, I will be talking about those present at the trial and execution of Christ for Susan Stabile's outstanding Lent Retreat in Daily Living. Then, at 4, five of us at St. Thomas (Robert Delahunty, Mike Paulsen, Teresa Collett, Robert Kahn and I) will talk about different aspects of violence in the Bible-- rape, war, abortion, and the death penalty. That event is in the moot courtroom on the first floor of St. Thomas Law school, and is open to all.

After that... well, that's as far ahead as I am willing to look right now.

You go,Professor! And say Hi to Susan for me. And to think...I would not know her but for you! And if The Chief hadn't....Well,best not go there. I wish you well and hope your heart is healing some.Leave some time for Scotch and meditation.
What a fascinating subject,ripe for the discuss: violence in the Bible. Way cool. I am coming.
Yeah, but if you had one of these bad boys, you'd never be tempted to leave home ever again!

Oh, my! Do you have one, Bob?
Do you think I'd be spending my time responding to blogs if I had that bad mamma jamma?! I confess, though, having a propane tank on my bank makes me a wee bit skittish.
I'm really sorry to miss this afternoon's panel on violence in the bible. Someday you and Prof. Stabile will speak when I don't have class or work. I know it will go well.
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