Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You go, Lions Club!

Ok, I totally love this:


-- Because the Lions have a sense of humor. Who knew?

-- Because I really do believe that clubs like the Lions serve important functions

-- That giant convertible is perhaps the only thing at the intersection of hip-hop and the Lions Club, and

-- Because I kinda like the song.

I love the expressions on the faces of these people.

Volunteer groups like this are essential to the Nation, and its really sad how few people participate, especially in busy cities.
So great!
It was great seeing all those young people having fun. Dad
my favorite line-- "got a dry turkey sandwich? i'll mayonnaise you."

also, what tyd said.
Now the Rotarians are going to be jealous.
We love the Lions Club! They give away free popcorn every Saturday at the Farmer's Market here.
"Blinker's been on since I got inside..."
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