Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Where I've been (Nashville Ed. 1)

What a week! I have been in Tennessee for the past few days, giving four lectures, one trial, and seeing friends old and new. On day one (last Friday), I met up with my Baylor compatriot Todd Lake for two lectures at Belmont University. In the morning, we spoke to a few hundred undergrads, and in the afternoon got the wonderful opportunity to speak to the first year (and only) class at Belmont's new law school. I loved being able to start that second lecture by claiming to be "from the future," since my own school is now ten years into that project of starting and sustaining something new and exciting. There was also an hour spent talking to Alberto Gonzales, the former Attorney General, and that alone gave me enough to think about for months. Here is the new law school building there, which will be ready sometime this summer:

The second day included a trip down to Middle Tennessee State University, to give a talk to students from several schools. This was a death penalty conference organized by Stacy Rector, and she provided a wonderful crowd and atmosphere. Here she is opening up the conference:

On Sunday, it was on to St. Henry's Catholic Church in Nashville, where we gave a warm-up talk preliminary to doing the Trial of Christ there:

Finally, on Monday night we did the Trial of Christ at Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, where I was reunited with my mentor and friend, Randall O'Brien:

Needless to say, I'm a little tired! Yet, it's great to be back in Minnesota, ready for class tomorrow...

Mark, I often marvel at your courage for taking this on and giving this issue voice back in Waco, and how … now in collaboration with Jeanne … this has taken off this past year. I trust a world tour is soon to follow (maybe opening for Springsteen this summer in Europe). As I have told you, this has very much had the feel of the Holy Spirit at play … as the Holy Spirit has used two extraordinarily gifted people to give this issue life and to do God’s work. Furthermore, the magic and genius has been supplied by both you and Jeanne, and your mutual deep desire for conversation, and your mutual deep willingness to engage and be in relationship with folks from all perspectives. I am inclined to think that is what God calls us all to do …
Very cool trip. Especially the picture showing off your new laser eyes weapon at St. Henry's Catholic Church.

We kinda feel like missionaries from HoCo...
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