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I really should be getting ready for my smack down with Susan Stabile on Wednesday (Faith and works- Booya!), but I just signed up for Netflix and am current on a total jag of watching every episode of The Office straight through.

Is this a worthwhile use of my time?

Not once you get to the end of Season 3. They should've cancelled the series before season 4, as it just goes downhill from there in my opinion. Your time would be better spent watching through episodes of 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation.
Watch old episodes of Mad Men!
Justin T. and Christine took the words out of my mouth, except I don't know which seasons are which. 30 Rock for sure, Parks and Rec, Community (but they're canceling it!), and Mad Men (minus the vomit scenes, but I have a friendly roommate who screens those for me).
I concur wiht Christine: Mad Men

And South Park
Or With Christine
My parents let my niece and nephew watch South Park. My brother (their dad) was incensed. "But you watched it!" they said. "When I was in high school!" he replied. Oops.

Grandparent fail.

Although, from what I understand, SP's portrayal of scientology is dead on.
OMG Its AWESOME UNTIl Steve Carelll departs.. and then.... well.... But until then OMG.

That's what she said...
Justin is Right Imean the OFFICE is GREAT GREAT GREAT I think until Steve C leaves.. then... now it is floundering a bit..
but he is rieght about Parks & Rec and 30 Rock Those are both GGGGRREEEAAATT
Old madMens also AWESOME and try to get PORTLANDIA ALSO HILARIOUS
Did you know that if you ahve a wii that you can watch your netflix instant play things thru your wii? FYI.
You work like a dog. There is no one busier.If you feel like lolly-gagging (A Dad-ism) with The Office go ahead. You deserve it. Whatever you do...just don't get obsessed with...gulp...Facebook.Besides,isn't it more fun to be surprised at what Susan says and have to meet the challenge of thinking at warp speed and getting it out like William F. Buckley...I'm just referring to the elegance and not the substance of his speech,of course. Your time would be well-spent watching Downton Abbey of a Sunday,said The Duchess.
Did you really say,"Booya," Professor?
If you personally take on the character of Dwight Schrute I think you'll find your smack down experience inestimably more successful.
The Big Bang Theory and South Park
@ Renee - love Downton Abbey. My neighbor in Tampa is going to loan my season 1 next time I am in town.

Some old photos of my parents are scarily reminiscent of Mad Men.

Early South Park is fantastic but admittedly I haven't watched it in about 10 years.

@ Carrie SP is spot on with Scientology.
Mad Men
Rescue Me
Larry Sanders
In all seriousness, the best sitcom of the era. Ranks in the Top Ten of All Time!!!

In no particular order;

Everybody Loves Raymond
Mary Tyler Moore
The Office
Andy Griffith
The Bob Newhart Show
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