Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ski trip!

IPLawGuy and I have been pondering a ski trip in March... I found a great rate at the Ritz-Smegland in Colorado:

People keep telling me to go skiing since I'm in Alaska, but I think I'm kinda opposed to it on principle, because it costs so much to go. Same reason I hate golf, besides that it's boring- too expensive for the average joe.
Lord have mercy. I think you two are going to need a chaperone. Why not let the ex-flight attendant make the hotel reservations? I actually do know something about hotels. My criteria: luxurious,comfortable beds,stocked mini-bar and happenin' neighborhood. But then-that would sharply curtain the stories for the whole next year,and then where would we be? I'm good at car rental too,and hate Barbie.And her infernal jeep.
I'm a little sleepy...had to take Dal to the bus depot at 5:30. I meant "curtail." Obviously.
Osler needs to attend a Zumba class with me sometime.
Renee that's a good idea since this Smegland place the prof found at "a great rate" sounds more like it may have more in common with Ritz crackers than Ritz-Carlton.
THe leak is back.... I thought he got it fixed?
I thought SMEGLAND was that CHildren's day care place inside of IKEA.
No matter where we stay, there will be stories. We will make them up like always.
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