Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Oscar review!

Please note: Because I had to write this review before the Oscars due to circumstances beyond my control, they represent my best effort to report on events yet]

1) Is anyone surprised that "The Extremely Loud Movie" won best picture? I sure was! But with the track record that Ron Howard has, and the star power of Rink Allegro, perhaps we should not be surprised at all!

2) Jean Dujardin won Best Actor, and he barely talked in "The Artist!" Go figure!

3) I'm glad that Glen Close won her 14th Oscar as Best Actress, but that dress? Please!

4) Why couldn't the dog from "The Artist" get nominated for something? Or Jeremy Lin?

2.That is exactly why he won. Had he talked the outcome would have most likely been "un peu differente"
3.The dress suited her just fine, the pants were a little tight though.
4.The dog talked. Unlike the [herd mentality] hype about The Artist, Jeremy Lin hype is somehow justified and that translates in automatic disqualification from the Oscar race.
The dog was awesome! Of course, I adored the movie, too.
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