Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I get a chair! (for 2012, at least)

Many of you have heard the story of my first day at work at Baylor... I went to my new office and there was a desk and a phone, but no chair. It was pretty awkward. I stood around for a while, and then asked others for advice. Someone told me just to take one from the hall, so I did-- and shortly thereafter had to answer to an angry colleague who had set that chair outside his door as a resting place for student he had thrown out of class.

I'm happy to say that I'm getting a chair of a different kind now-- the 2012 Richard E. Byrd Preaching Chair at St. Martin's-By-The-Lake Episcopal Church here in Minnesota. I'm not sure how I got the gig, given that the prior holders have included heavy hitters like Martin Marty and Krista Tippett, but I am very happy to have the chance to preach again.

I will be giving the sermons associated with the Chair on April 29. Notably, the chair is named after a former Priest and member of that church who was renowned for his teaching about collaboration-- something I dearly believe it, and which is at the top of my mind as I continue to sort through the death of Katherine Darmer, who was wonderful at exactly that.

It's also my birthday today, so it's nice to have something to celebrate!

I know you are hurting and I am so sorry. It doesn't seem right to wish you a happy birthday amid such sorrow.
Ditto but Hapy Birthday.. a bittersweet day for you.
In celebration of your birthday I will officially add it to my google calendar reminder system. I will pull out my very dusty marshmallow shooter along with the very stale marshmallows (better projectiles) and offer some type of salute.
And of course send you wishes for a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
So now that you're older, I have to ask...is this chair good for sitting on it as well?
Happy, Happy!
What an honor! I hope you have a happy birthday, and may your memories of your sweet friend give you courage as you face new and exciting challenges in the coming year.
This is so cool,and so well deserved. All Razorites hold you in their hearts,thinking of Katherine and especially today,because it's your birthday,and we are so glad you were born. You are a fine measure of a man.
Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!

I believe Katherine is recalling the wonderful friendship the two of you shared with those in Heaven and many special prayers are being sent your way today...
I'm sorry you lost a friend so close to your birthday.
Happy belated and congratulations on your appointment. Pretty church.
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