Monday, February 06, 2012


Haiku winner: Renee

I am reprinting her winning haiku(s) below. It is, itself, her bio this time:

Disparaged her mind,
Housekeeping,kids...blazefire night
Kamikaze dreams.

The neighbor's troubles
He felt and fixed. Still his son
He punished like self.

He hid her glasses
Forgot or crushed holidays
Still she would not leave.

Her heart attack helped.
He drove slowly...farthest hospital
She would not die. Damn!

It was all her fault.
He needed someone more like
Him.His Problems solved.

And they were.While Mom
Lie in the stroke bed,hair white--
He found perfect wife.

Putrid well I knew--
Whence evil sprang. I could not
Hate him. Oh Daddy!

Okay,Professor...but you're not getting off that easily. I demand chowder! This was me actually bleeding a haiku. I thought about putting it in the blog trashcan,because it was indeed so personal,and replacing it with a haiku about Oilcan Harry and Pearl Pureheart from "Mighty Mouse." But... this is a supportive and trustworthy bunch I decided in the end. Again, thank you for this honor.Where's my chowder?
New England or Manhattan?

Spot D
Loved it!!!!!!
New England,of course! Although I may require the Professor to travel to Inish Mor,where I had the most spectacular chowder of mussels and cockles alive,alive oh! The islands filled me with a kind of deep awe of God,that I had never felt before and were heartbreakingly beautiful,so that one never wanted to leave. And that chowder was incomparable.
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