Monday, February 13, 2012


Haiku winner: The medievalist!

What a week! I am exhausted. I played a lot of hockey this weekend down in Arden Park, and the work week was jammed as well-- including our presentation of the Trial of Christ in Cambridge, Mass. on Tuesday, which was wonderful.

And our haiku winner? None other than the Spanish Medievalist, for this take on "A Movie I would like to make:"

Marx and Costello,
Marilyn and Russell do
whatever they want.

I chose his because... well, I really want to see that movie!

And now for his bio:

The Spanish Medievalist was born and raised in a small town in Minnesota. This was unusual, as he spoke only Spanish and was raised by two Medieval Spaniards, Francisco and Maria. The had ended up in this town (St. Peter's) through some fluke in a time machine built by Da Vinci, who seized them as they were touring Italy and conducted an experiment on them-- an experiment which went terribly wrong.

The Medievalist's childhood was satisfying but odd. For example, he was the small-school state champion in the sport of nordic skiing, despite being relatively slow. He was, however, armed with a lance and musket, and waves of forfeited matches and fallen skiers led to his victories. He also was state champion in the forensic arts, but again his physical attacks on opponents while wearing a full suit of armor had much to do with the outcome. He was also valedictorian of his high school, an honor he celebrated by topping off the ceremony with an attack on his opponents using his falcon, Bitey.

And now he has turned to haiku. All hail the Spanish Medievalist!

Well, I guess you know me better than I thought. Who told you about the Nordic skiing thing? I was also on the Equestrian team where I was lead sabre and standard bearer. I was hired at my current job because of my sabre skills.

Of course, the movie was never made, though I have written several unpublished screenplays, most of them would get me arrested. Thanks for the honor. If I have mad Haiku skills, it's because I have cut my teeth at the Razor.
What about his crotch protector?
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women)?"
Bwahahaaaaaaaa. The Professor sees all and knows all. It's frightening really. Each time he gets closer and closer to the truth. I am scared to win again,frankly. Of course,my passion for winning remains strong. I never won at athletics,so I am forced to depend on poetry. Now that is rarely said. IPLaw Guy: I beg your pardon!!!!
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