Monday, February 20, 2012


Haiku Winner: D. Corbett!

Sorry about the reporting delay (I certainly heard about it), but I wasn't quite in the mood yesterday or early this morning to sort through haiku. Once I did, I realized a serious handicap: I've never seen many of the shows people were discussing, such as "Community," and have never even heard of some of the others (what the heck is "Downtown Abbey?").

Anyways, Rennee did some great work this week, but unfortunately wrote about the TV character I am most scared of: Granny, from "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Thus our winner is D. Corbett, who wrote this:

Rollerskate master
And Pollack imitator,
Hal snubbed normalcy.

I have absolutely no idea who this haiku is describing. I can't imagine any sitcom character discussing Jackson Pollack, but it's a great idea!

So, here is the truth behind Mr. Corbett, who was one of my favorite students at Baylor:

D. Corbett graduated from law school, but that was not his only project at the time. At night and on weekends, he was secretly developing the "Corbett Filter Cleaning System," a device which allows users to clean and re-use paper coffee filters. Not surprisingly, his device has been a huge success after it was picked up by Ronco Products and distributed through television advertisements throughout the Deep South and Nevada. With the proceeds, D. has turned a philanthropic eye towards a series of national projects designed to find a worthy successor to "Matlock."

The irony, of course, is that D. himself does not drink coffee, filtered or otherwise, which is one reason his own name (well, first name) and photo do not appear on the product.

All hail, D. Corbett!

Hal is the father from Malcolm in the Middle. His character, played wonderfully by Bryan Cranston, is a clever mix of genius and lunacy. He was at times brilliant and focused (bordering on obsessive), and at other times scattered and foolish.

Either way, his character was comedic bliss.
Professor: Granny from Downton Abbey! I hated "The Beverly Hillbillies." You mean you weren't quaffing Pomegranate Martinis and glued to the set yesterday? Cheer up! you can watch it online at PBS or stream it instantly (Seasons 1 AND 2 from Netflix. Congratulations to D.Corbett. I loved Malcolm too. Do you similarly like "Modern Family"s dad. He is bliss as well.
Oh Renee - wasn't the season 2 finale of Downton Abbey fantastic? No martini's required - but would be a nice touch.
Hi Christine! That KISS...I seriously thought I was going to die,in the literal AND Shakespearean sense of the word. And Granny...what about when Richard said she probably wouldn't see him again,and Granny said,"Do you promise!" And Edith got her old beau back with one arm. The servant's ball! Do you think Thomas is finding his redemptive self? And Bates get out of prison. Thank Heaven he got life in prison. I was dreading a grisly scene. Delightful from beginning to end.To make the Pomegranate Martinis: in a chilled martini glass filled with ice,add 1,2 oz. Stirrings Pomegranate Martini mix (I find mine in Lunds,not a cheap grocery store,if you know what I mean),1/2 oz. Cointreau. Stir gently.Add a squeeze of line. Voila! Heaven in a glass. I don't think the Professor will take the Downton bait. I have tried. *Sigh*
The Professor will only watch Downton if we can pry him away from his favorite programs, i.e., E! News Daily, Cat Hoarders Anonymous, The Bachelor(ette), Real Housewives of Chaska, NO-prah (the male answer to Oprah), Clippy Televised!, Creed Nation, Are You Smarter Than a Wisconsinite?, Ina Makes Girly Drinks for Manly Men, and Mormons Gone Wild.
I might have to join him for the last one...that sounds kinda good.
I thought he was talking about Hal Linden of Barney Miller
Creed nation... bleh.
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