Monday, February 27, 2012


Haiku Friday winner: Anonymous!

There were some Madonna-tastic haikus last week, but this one wins the big prize:

My first time in love --
That Connecticut summer
The song? Lucky Star.

I thought it had just the right balance of nostalgia and truth, because pop music is best as the backing soundtrack for more important things, a trigger for memories.

And now for Anonymous's biography:

A student at Connecticut's prestigious Octavian Country Day School, Anonymous (along with her best friends Dylan and Alicia) rules OCD's social life with an iron fist wrapped in a Hermes glove. She is a fair to good student, though often distracted by members of the boy's soccer team and various nefarious plots against her by her arch-nemesis and, occasionally, by her friends. She is a dog-owner, a lip gloss expert, a runner, and one of the sharpest girls you will ever meet. Her various misadventures have included a brief and disastrous after-school job driving a long-haul truck, and an unfortunate incident involving marauding bears, paint cans, and expensive clothes.

Congratulations, anonymous!

Awww, shucks. Thanks Professor.
Great job - anonymous!
Wait a minute ... how can we be sure that "anonymous" isn't really Madonna? Hardly seems fair.
But then, how can we be sure THIS posting isn't from Madonna?
You forgot to mention her participation on the cheerleading squad for the sword wielding equestrian team.
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