Friday, February 03, 2012


Haiku Friday: Villians

What's life without villains? They make the heroes possible. Let's blog about them, today...

Here is mine:

Six years of evil
Medical school... so
Don't call him "Mister!"

Now it is your turn. 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables is the recipe, and the winner gets their bio here on Monday!

Boris, Natasha,
Leave squirrel and moose alone,
In Minnesota.
Wicked Witch of West,
Wanted those ruby slippers--
But never got them.
Dr. Malevolence,
Haven't heard of him? Niether
Have I, yeah, that's it
Did somebody say "Natasha?"
Best-dressed villian ever!
Dump Boris, choose me!
Disparaged her mind,
Housekeeping,kids...blazefire night
Kamikaze dreams.

The neighbor's troubles
He felt and fixed. Still his son
He punished like self.

He hid her glasses
Forgot or crushed holidays
Still she would not leave.

Her heart attack helped.
He drove slowly...farthest hospital
She would not die. Damn!

It was all her fault.
He needed someone more like
Him.His Problems solved.

And they were.While Mom
Lie in the stroke bed,hair white--
He found perfect wife.

Putrid well I knew--
Whence evil sprang. I could not
Hate him. Oh Daddy!

Only amusing:
His sin. Music of Starched Lace.
Tight velvet pants.Grrrrr.
Dale Earnhart: Villian
Iron Sheik of NASCAR wars
Not the same now, huh?
Villians from fair
Vilnius, dastardly hate
Spelling's cruel fate.
Evil Mastermind
Planning world domination
Gingrich needs your vote
He hates George Bailey,
snarls "Happy New Year--in jail!"
Looks like Dick Cheney.
The blows came. Six? Ten?
Mom cried as her son's jaw broke.
Where was superman then?

Renee not fair
Not fair not fair not fair
Too brilliant
Heroes and villians
Come from the same place, I think
A hard, dark, cold world.
My favorite one
is myself. I have laser
sharks in my basement
Beautiful bunnies
make vicious governors, dark
warren, Efrafa.

(Renee, that's lovely, horrible, awful, and tender. You're at least the secret winner.)
I vote for Jimmy Snuka.

NASCAR needs the Intimidator, or someone like him badly.
Bob Short, Evil Man
Took Washington Senators
To Dallas Fort Worth
Twenty Million
Deaths at least because of him
Stalin is not cute
The New York Yankees
Hard to hate with Joe Torre
Still Evil Empire
Every day, speaking
in that inane high-pitched voice
You,re evil, Tito.
It puts the lotion
in the basket or it gets
the hose again...YIKES.
It puts the lotion
in the basket or it gets
the hose again...YIKES.
Jessica is spot on,I think.
As Pogo once said:
"We have met the enemy
And it is us." Yup.
Ming the Merciless--
Tried to take Dale for his wife,
(Flash Gordon saved her.)
right on Tyd!

They are all brilliant...

Walking to the plate
Number Two, Derek Jeter
Smirk on face - perfect!
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