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Haiku Friday: TV Characters

As I have already noted this week, I have become obsessed with "The Office," Well, that and The Simpsons, in which I saw a scene tonight from Season 14 where Homer tells a herd of Elk to "Go back to Grosse Pointe!" (He made a mistake based on their "pointy hats" and fur coats).

Anyways, let's haiku about favorite TV characters today. Here is mine:

Michael Scott, bad boss,
Where did he go? Now he's gone
Off to run a church.

Now it is your turn! Just make it vaguely topical, and 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the last one.

As usual, the winner gets their bio here on Monday!

My face: Gordon Gecko!
"Greed Is good!" but then Glenn Close
Boiled up his bunny.
Knope Two-thousand twelve,
Hope for a brand new Pawnee,
But then, there's Jerry.
Her hat like a ship:
Granny's words sail deftly to
Compassion's harbour.

The face bears wrinkles
Aged Beauty carries her
Like Liberty's torch.

At the feast table
Sotto voce delivers
Delicious rapiers.

O Maggie,Dame of
My Heart,may I grow old,just
Cleaving to the good.

Maggie Smith as "Granny," in Downton Abbey...for Carrie and The Chief!
No Ma’am Al Bundy
Sit with your hand in your pants
And have your Bud beer
Boldy go, captain,
where no one has gone before.
There are four lights!!

(extra exclamation points count as syllables, right?
Rollerskate master
And Pollack imitator,
Hal snubbed normalcy.
TV? What is that?
Doctoral students don't have
time to watch TV.
This comment has been removed by the author.
"It's an illusion,
Michael. A trick is something
Whores do for money."
Dressed as flamingos,
They make their way to the roof top
Scotch and cigars: Friends.

In love with guns,self,
Lady-killer Conservative,
Sleeps over with Bleeding Heart.

Dostoevsky's fool
Birthed by a mad cow,waxes
Wise.Baffles...DENNY CRANE.

My favorite show of all time: "Boston Legal." Followed by "Ally McBeal," "Designing Women," "Mary Tyler Moore."
"Troy and Abed in
the morning!" Remedial
Chaos at Greendale.

(Bring back "Community"!)
Michael Scott, Jim, Pam,
Dwight, Temp, Stanley, Toby, Jan,
Angela, Phyllis.

Best episode? by
Far: When MS Burns his foot.
or "Back From Vacation."

"Dinner Party." Or
"Benihana Christmas." (1 & 2)
or anything with JAN.

Best. Show. Ever. in
the history of TV.
Jan Levinson Gould.
Oh, Mister Don Draper
The Jeremy Counsellor
Of advertising.

GrandPa Munster, once
met him in Greenwich Village
chomping a cigar

Seriously - he was just like the TV show. He had restaurant that I use to eat at on Saturday night with hot artichoke / parmesian dip - to die for. I even got him to give me a cigar one night.

Clive - kudus to you!
Well, that picture says it all.
My Favorite Martian--
Loved those antennae that popped
Right out of his head.
Lorelei Gilmore:
If I had had a daughter,
her name would be yours.

Thank you for being
a friend! I liked Golden Girls
before they were cool.

Liz Lemon, comic
hero. The Office is so
last year. 30 Rock!

Anon @9:43, that is sheer brilliance. I love it. Community is my favorite!
London's murderers
have hungover, brilliant, Jane.
Never in the U.S.

The Doctor! Mine is
David Tennent and his Rose.
Simple, bubbly, rage.

(Renee, Maggie Smith is the character. "They talk of jobs and week ends!?..." Delicious.)
She wore green velvet
Curtains to flounce down the stairs
Rod still in,Burnett.

Missis Wiggins,Sec.--
Butt out,straw brains and hair!
Tudbol Tim hyperventilates.

Eunice crass with hurts
From her Mama,hurts with tongue
Pain rich still we laugh.

Chameleon Character
We held not pretty to our hearts
Oh dear. Anon, I meant Parks and Rec, not Community. But Community is (was?) good, too!
Michael Landon

He was small and wore
His belt low and cowboy hat
Aslant,Little Joe.

Still panting for Joe,
Pa,Highway Angel,now dead...
I still feel his smile.

He was my boyfriend
Before I knew stirrings' source.
Nether Region's King.
Hal to Heisenberg -
Cooked meth to pay for chemo,
Walter White broke bad.
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