Friday, February 10, 2012


Haiku Friday: The Movie I Want To Make

We all have a movie we want to make. Personally, mine involves Newt Gingrich's moon colony, which goes out of control and then wages war against Earth. Here, I will describe it in a haiku:

My movie idea:
A moon colony gone wrong.
Title? "Luna Lovebad"

Let's haiku about that this week! Just make it 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, on the topic of your idea for a great movie.

If you win, you get your bio here on Monday!

My film about me:
Work work work eat work work sleep
Then some commercials
Off-season Santa,
Summertime crime-fighter dude.
Starring Jean Teasdale.
Romantic chic flick:
Hugh Jackman and RDJ,
vying for my hand.
Edwardian hat-
Wearing Lady Enslaves Depp
On tropic island.

Gingrich and Romney
Room in skidrow flophouse,no

Farm Gal president
Ends war,discrimination,
Snags Depp for V.P.
Pizza by the slice
In the land of Nine, Nine, Nine
starring: Herman Cain
Man left,shtetl wife
Excited by demontalk.
Hated Man costumes.

"Teibele and Her Demon," by Isaac Bashevis Singer. The movie I want to make--story already exists.
Must be announced by that one DEEP VOICED GUY who does all the scary movie trailers.

Cityville Eats Your
Brain: Tydwbleach Township
Never saw it Coming.

Coming this summer.

It started out as a fun thing to do with my son. Something weird and fun we can do together. I don't think we can stop. Now I DREAM in Cityville. Its very sad verrry sad.
Beyond Thunderdome
The Post-Apocalyptic
Dystopian Now!

[starring Megan Fox]
Always in a car,
opening shots, perfect songs.
It is all soundtrack.
Marx and Costello,
Marilyn and Russell do
whatever they want.
Medievalist: I like it!Marilyn and THERE is a hot combo!
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