Friday, February 24, 2012


Haiku Friday: Madonna!

Here is mine:

For kitchen dancing,
Get the material girl
Singing "Holiday!"

Now it is your turn. I know you have an opinion... just make it 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and the winner gets their bio here on Monday!

Sexy as a tree
stump, can't sing, act, direct..
She SHOCKS?? Yes. Shocking.
Child of the 80's
I'll never forget Wayne- "She'll
give a dog a bone."
Mimics Monroe good.
I'll be what they want,yes Boys!

But what does she want?
Is loving Me enough? No.
Lourdes may heal me.

Listening, I heart her voice.
Grieve for child inside.
"Cherish" video.
Dirty blonde. Wet. Writhing. Sand.
Dress clinging to her.
My first time in love --
That Connecticut summer
The song? Lucky Star.
Dance to Lucky Star
in San Diego, Night Tracks
cut short, Night Stalker.
Not my cup of tea
But still, one thing is certain:
She's a survivor

And she paved the way
For singer-songwriters like
Pink, Lady Gaga

So, old gal, a salute!
Just keep hoofin', keep spoofin'
Long as your knees last

She has man hands but
I still love her. "Like a Prayer" --
makes me blush. A lot.
Like a virgin,
Help from a plastic surgeon,
She's forever young.
Oh Medievalist...Very Good Work! And love Bob's last one. Excellent.Fond of Carrie's "man hands"line. Also like to picture The Curessa blushing!! And agree with tyd... Madonna doesn't do much for me.

Me again:

Praps I'm a virgin
P'raps I'm a whore.
P'raps Diva: want more.

(or my alternate last line: P'raps I just want your pants-->floor)

I think there's something to Lady Gaga.She's the true original. Outrageous yes,but she borrows from no one. She's a great singer and there's method to her madness.
Madonna Louise
Like a virgin, Pa preaches
She is no Mary
a good catholic
girl dabbling in Kabbalah
she missed confession
Madonna? All I
recall is Napoleon
Dynamite on string.

Madonna as a
cheerleader was incongruous
but strangely sensual

Makes me wonder if Osler got it Wonder if Osler was ever a s Seinfeld fan?
World peace world peace world
Peace world peace wolrld peace world peace!
World peace, world peace, yeah!
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