Saturday, February 04, 2012


Glad I found This!

As many of you know, I have long desired my own Yu Wan Mei device, but the price was too steep.

Then, today, while installing a new television (this one has color!), I found the device pictured above.

What the heck is it? Will it be as useful as the Yu Wan Mei device?

(Too good to pass up.)

Transtector SL Series

Today's technology involves sensitive electronic equipment which you depend upon for systems reliability. Your valuable electronic systems will experience unpredictable and potentially destructive power quality conditions such as lightning and transients which cost your business maintenance time, equipment replacement and customer dissatisfaction. Transtector's SL Series feature proprietary silicon avalanche suppressor diode (SASD) technology for effective safeguarding and maximized performance of your systems. Your success demands a superior protection solution provided by Transtector Systems.
Looks like you should be glad you found this Transtector because it just might be the closest you could get to the Yu Wan Mei device. For one, it keeps your new TV from losing the color, it protects it from exploding when you come home after a Supreme Court victory and experience power surges, it is very convenient for Minnesota residents such as yourself for it prevents frostbite (the trick is remembering to give it a little rub everytime you step outdoors) and most importantly, it self cleans.
You didn't find it.
Dude -- everybody should have the latest Disambigulator!
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