Monday, January 23, 2012


The winners: Renee and RRL!

Here are the states that were proposed as the "best" on Friday:

Massachussets (2)
Minnesota (2)
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Dakota
Texas (2)
Virginia (Commonwealth of)
Wisconsin (2)

Here was Renee's finale:

New Mexico queen
Of states,Georgia O'Keefe praise
For grand

And RRL's:

You can go to hell...
I'm going to Texas. I
think that sums it up.

And now for the bios:

Because of a mail mix-up, RRL (born Rene Randolph Lemerson) and Renee received one another's mail for a period of seven years, from 1996-2003. During this time, Renee, an Edwardian lady-in-waiting stuck in an odd gap in the space-time continuum, received RRL's steady supply of work boots, punk rock sheet music, conservative PAC fundraising letters, and firearms. Meanwhile, RRL was flummoxed by the steady stream of fine women's hats, jodhpurs, walking sticks, and Elvis CD's.

Predictably, they eventually met to exchange several hundred pieces of mail. Choosing a place midway between Texas and Minnesota, they ended up planning a rendezvous in Memphis. The exchange, held at a blues bar on Beale Street, was amicable, though RRL initially tried to palm a few of the Elvis cd's. (Secretly, he also kept a pair of the jodhpurs, but that is best not discussed here). After a fine discussion, some dancing, a fair number of cocktails, and several dozen pork ribs, each returned home, happy for the encounter.

Thank you for this honor and insight into RRL and myself.I think an exchange of objet d'art from lives does much to Windex the window into a soul. It is true that I have long longed for a pearl-handled revolver. I do not know what I would do with it,save carry it in a lavishly beaded and embroidered reticule. Missed you guys on Sunday.
Dear Editor:

I write for two reasons. First, your failure to acknowledge my contribution on behalf of The Old Dominion, cradle of Presidents and home to many fine institutes of learning, including the very place where you attended college.

Second, I must express disappointment the the fine contribution of Derek H. on behalf of the state of my birth, Iowa, was not acknowledged:

Do you like to eat?
It sure does look like you do..

Please address forthwith.

Sorry, man. After 10, I'm not really good at counting.

Can we go skiing now?
Oh, and just to demonstrate that the tired old "French take over the Razor" meme still has a pulse:

Haiku? Vendredi?
Pourquoi Vendredi? Le Plus
Grande State, Elle est France!
So, tu ski avec moi dans March? Ou?
I am deeply honored. And that is despite the fact that "pork ribs" and "cocktails" are the only references I understood.
That IPLawguy is really a rockstar.Ah...if only I could haiku in French,or even Pigeon French,Professor! I do hope he consents to ski with you in March,if he can get over this haiku consternation. A tear-stained blog would not be pretty.Although accompanied by a video of k.d.lang singing,"Cry" might.
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