Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What a Trial!

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On Sunday, we performed the Trial of Christ at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago (pictured above), and I think it went very well. We got a great crowd, and the feedback has been tremendous. I loved the space for this... there was darkness and shadow and the sheer size was ominous. So many people in the church were wonderful hosts to us-- it is an amazing place.

For my opposing counsel, Jeanne Bishop, this was a special event, as Fourth Presbyterian is her home church. Here she in interviewing a witness on Saturday:

One of the great things about this version was that I got to have the assistance of not one, not two, but three of my students working with me on the project. Shown in the picture below are Phil Steger, Sara Sommervold, and Joy Tull. Phil, who is a second-year student at St. Thomas, reprised his role as Peter, and was masterful. Sara (also a 2L at St. Thomas) was second chair for the defense, and handled a direct and cross like a seasoned attorney. Joy, who was one of students at Baylor (she now works in Dallas) was my second chair and was excellent-- I'm going to try to rope her into doing it again. In addition, we had three excellent witnesses from 4th Church, and Circuit Court Judge Larry Axelrood presiding.

On Saturday, there was a wonderful party at the home of Jerry and Karen Johnson, where filmmaker Joshua Rofe got to talk about his project regarding the trial. I'll have more about that tomorrow...

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