Saturday, January 14, 2012



I'm in Chicago today, getting ready for the Trial of Christ tomorrow at 12:30 at 4th Presbyterian Church on Michigan Ave. There is snow falling, and it was falling yesterday in Minneapolis, as well-- those big gorgeous flakes that drift down lazily.

People in Texas have a love-hate relationship with snow. There are a lot of great skiers in Texas, for example, and many others from there want to be cozy inside with the fireplace going while it is snowing outside. Yet, they think living in a place like this is kinda crazy.

I see the point. Driving in snow is dangerous and slow. The cold can chill you to the bone. All those clothes!

But still, on a morning like today....

Idi c Bogom,Professor. Did you take the photograph? I wish I could be in Chicago for this Trial to hear it yet again. I love how snow changes things. It is amazing how colorful pure white of the lovelyflakes can be,the monochrome scape and trees whose green became them,turn quartz sculptures in winter.
We might have some flurries tonight in Durham - round midnight!
I just want to go on the record for saying that I hate snow.
I love snow. I love snow even when I hate it...for coming down in March. Because it makes the first signs of spring simply magical.
I hereby nominate Renee as the Osler's Razor Poet Laureate.. Seriously... The woman has WAY with WORDS
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