Monday, January 02, 2012


Our winner: Gary!

Haiku-ing was a little light last week, but no wonder-- we were all kind of off-duty, right? Our winner, though, was Gary, who crafted a haiku that was at once believable and horrible; mundane and terrible:

My New Year's Eve Theme:
It's Hello Kitty party time!
Get out your red bows!

I can't even imagine what to say about this one's true meaning. Still, I owe him a bio, so here goes:

Gary was born in thel central Texas town of West. His father ran a small feed lot, and his mother sold grapefruit to passing motorist. Well, she didn't really sell them-- she just threw them at cars. Gary's ambition was to attend Baylor University, and through the generosity of friends and several anonymous donors, he got his wish.

While at Baylor, Gary became a Spanish major, and a protege of the Spanish Medievalist. He began wearing armor to class, and brandished a sword. Thought odd by some, Gary did cut a memorable figure on campus, and was called upon to tell several underperforming Baylor coaches that they were being terminated.

Now having completed Baylor, Gary now works for the TSA at the Waco airport, where you may well have met him on your way through the magnetometer!

And yet the Hello Kitty hotel doesn't even get a MENTION?!
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