Monday, January 30, 2012


Haiku winner: Micah!

Our winner this week, opining on the theme of the 100-Acre-Wood and its inhabitants, is Micah, who penned this entry:

What about Eeyore?
Cheney of the Wood... except
He can't hold a gun.

And now for the bio:

MICAH is a creation of cutting-edge computer scientists at the MIT artificial intelligence lab. Jealous of IBM's highly acclaimed "Watson" project (in which a computer was trained to win at the game show "Jeopardy"), the folks at MIT knew they had to come up with an answer, to show that they could create a similar computer able to deal with the complexities of human language and thought on its own terms.

That's where the MICAH ("Massachusett's Institute Computer Authored Haiku") project came in. Over four years, they were able to develop a prototype that now has reached the pinnacle of the haiku arts-- a Haiku Friday championship!

Bravo! Well played, Micah!
Another BRAVO!
ditto bravo!
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