Friday, January 13, 2012


Haiku Friday: Things you wish you hadn't said

Today, let's haiku about things we shouldn't have said, or perhaps things that other people (politicians, parents, Mr. Rogers) shouldn't have said.

Here is mine:

I should have known that
The wrong person would hear me;
Meant that for Gordon.

Now it is your turn! The winner gets their bio here on Monday.

You can borrow my Kwanzaa cd's... That Rick Perry!
They break up. She cries.
"It's not like y'all would marry."
Why is she still crying?
Sometimes it's the things
That you don't say that haunt you....
I have those regrets.
and that would be Lovely...not Levely....
"I did not inhale"
I did not have relations with her
"The American people must know"
"They couldn't hit a barn ..."
"At least it can't get much worse."
"Let's take it outside..."
"Your hair is like straw"
I meant color, not texture
Almost got beat up.
I wish I hadn't said
That I wanted fries with that
Forty thousand times.
"How bad can it be
Running the whole department?"
Many sleepless nights

To Anon 1108 - that's a great haiku.
Week before wedding --
Husband-to-be in Vegas
Me, asleep at home.

Phone rings at 3am
"How did you get this number???"
I demanded. Oops.
Scrubby lil' Baylor.
You do know you're Baylor, right?
Go crawl in a hole.
"Hi, Mr. String Cheese!"
Wrong thing to call the big boss
Even at lunch.
What do you wish you would have said Lovely Bones?
Today you're thirty,
Getting on in years you are,
Don't throw that at me!
"Let's do some shots, guys!"
"How hard can Baylor Law be?"
"Go away, I don't care"
Lace storm of "I will"
Cooks down to damned dust:"I won't"
Little boy speaks grace.
"She's like him,better
For him. They play cards,visit--"
Curses me...dies hoping.
"Yogi, g@d damit"
As he bounded through the woods
Chasing after deer

"Bad dog, bad, bad dog"
He slinks back into the house
Big slobbery kiss
@anon 4:32

"You were good to me"
"I am sorry I hurt you"
"No", "Yes!", "I love you".
"You were enraged by
That." Thirty-five years of friend
Took umbrage.Vanished.

In Seventy-three
Alone I came...Cold City--
Found family in hers.

She laughed at my jokes
Summer came to veranda
Hitchcock films...cocktails.

Lived through three divorces
Two hers,one mine. Two babies.
One for each. Godmothers.

Now we don't speak,and
The silence cuts bone,abrades
Soul.Apologies wilt.

It's a new year now.
Maybe I should,perhaps try
Again to mend tear.
"Oh Yeah?" "Yeah?" "Yeah!"
"Well, you're just like your mother!"
"Wait, I didn't mean ..."

P.S. You can substitute "father" for "mother." The effect is/will be the same.
High up on the ship--
Dead: Another tale.
Bob - yes that is a class line of regret...
Here is one p.a. that I believe a certain flight attendant (not me) regretted:

Welcome to the Twin Titties
Mpls. and St.Paul."

And I actually did say this over the p.a. :

Welcome to Detroit's Metro-
Politan Op'ra!"
(which received a few "Bravas!"

Just for fun,Professor!
2004. WOw. We are NEVER going to have a worse year than that. Surprise baby, Shop RObbed twice, bought house, closed shop in San Jose, Moved entire thing to Oregon... Moved three times all in ONE YEAR. That was HUGELY STRESSFUL But we are NEVER going to have another year with THAT much stress again....

...Until.... 2007.

NOt a Haiku, I know. I cannot hear myself think today My kid is watching football and screaming at the TV.
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