Friday, January 06, 2012


Haiku Friday: Republicans!

Since we are in the heat of the primaries, let's haiku about these colorful Republican candidates! You are allowed to haiku about any of them, including those who have already dropped out (i.e., Pawlenty, Bachmann, Trump, Cain) or any of those that remain (Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and that guy who used to be in the "Rent is too damn high!" party).

Here is mine:

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul
Wouldn't they be quite a ticket?
"Hey! Get off my lawn!"

Now it is your turn. Just try to make it about 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and the winner gets their bio here on Monday!

Now do it!

Forget haikus about the candidates--that panel in the embedded clip was amazing. It looked like 3 frat boys pretending to be knowledgeable about the campaign and one woman whose role appeared to nothing but "eye candy", especially considering her gyrations on the couch when the segment first started--bizarre, the whole thing.
I want Bachmann back!
Or maybe that Alaskan
I vote for brunettes!
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I love elephants
With their trunkiness and all
Governor Rick Perry:
Delusions of grandeur
But really good hair!

Poor old Mitt Romney:
He has millions of dollars
Yet no one loves him.

Michelle Bachmann:
Weren't you once in a band with
Canadian Fred Turner?

Perhaps I should run ...
'cept I'm young and not thin, but
I look good in red.
Red rover please send
Huntsman, Hutchison over
The dynamic pair
to haiku about anyone
I will not vote for

sadly ....

The Grand Old Party
no longer represents the
virtues of my past
Osler's dad called it:
Daniels, Christie, Rubio
The smart ones sat out.
Saw it on the news
A story called "Santorum Splurge"
Do NOT Google that!! :P
Don't agree with him
But Paul is the most honest
The rest are phonies

Reptilian Mitt
Chameleon panderer
"Most Electable"
Agree with OsoGrande. That clip looks like local cable access babble, not network TV. Then again, I don't expect much from Fox.
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That has a nice ring to it.
Mormon Schmormon, Yo!
Ah Michelle Bachmann,
The stuff dreams may be made of,
Minnesota deep freeze.
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"Mormom Schmormon, Yo!" is one of the best lines I've seen in months! Bob
Conservatism\Rush says wins every time/Forgets Goldwater
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