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Haiku Friday: Piglet!

As wingmen go, Piglet is the ultimate. He's always upbeat, kinda goofy, never boring, and constantly supportive even when Pooh has dumb ideas. He's kind of the Joe Biden of the 100-Acre-Wood. (Plus, he is an excellent dancer). Today, I suggest we haiku about this fine mammal.

Here is mine:

Well, "'hullo, Piglet!"
Someday soon, we will get you
A nicer sweater!

Now it is your turn. You can actually haiku about any of the denizens of the 100-Acre Wood: Pooh, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, Thor, Rabbit, Ganja Pete, Kanga... whoever you want! If you win, you will get your bio here on Monday. So write!

Just sing, Piglet, sing!
Sing songs of the land and sea!

Um, ok, stop already.
"Ganja Pete?"
Don't trust yellow bears.
The day the honey runs out -
Hamlet cheese sammich
I must say that I like it that your mind has gone here.Professor
as Pixie? I am a firm believer in whimsy to restore the child to the soul.

Eeyore's tail hangs mud
All the pink dance has gone blue
Piglet ties tail bow.

When sky growls angry
Or even when it's pink rose
Donkey mourns life.

This could happen,that
Might fall apart,he groans--The
Moment eludes him.

I am Eeyore,I
am Piglet,I am Tigger
I am all.Thank God.
Piglet has great ears,
Brotherhood of floppy ears,
Piglet, my brother.
Hundred acre woods
Friendship, mischief, loyalty
Like honey - so sweet.
Someday Piglet will
be bacon. Mmmmm, delicious
bacon. Eat Piglet.
Help me if you can
Got to get back to the house
At Pooh corner by one.

You would be surprised
That there's so much to be done,
Count all the bees in the hive

Chase all the clouds from
The sky. So, back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh.

With apologies of Loggins and Messina.
"O gallant Piglet!
Sing ho! for Piglet, ho! Ho!"
He was BRAVE....

(from "In Which Eeyore Finds the Wolery and Owl Moves Into It")
OH Piglet, SORRY!
Found you headless on the lawn.
Thanks, Amy the Dog.
winnie the pooh bear
awakened as a cockroach
Christopher Robin
fights Little Jackie Paper...
Thunderdome. Who wins?
Hunny,wild sweetings--
Pursue,then Pooh,why not we?
Til Going...gone...wings!
I like tyd's macabre, gory haiku.Poor,poor Piglet--no match for an omnivorous,ever ravenous beast of the canine persuasion.Much like the jeans that fell hapless on the bathroom floor.
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He slept on my chest
Pink stripey stuffed animal
I sucked on his nose.
Well, "'hullo, Piglet!"
Someday soon, we will eat you.
Pooh tastes like chicken.
Pooh, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, Thor, Rabbit, Ganja Pete, Kanga whom ever they will be they will always be in the 100 acre woods.

sorry that its not a haiku.
Renee: AMy the dog has eaten her way thru the Hundred Acre Woods. Piglet was the first to go. Then Tigger, Then Pooh, Then Eeyore. Since then no one has seen Rabbit. We think he is in Federal Witness Protective Custody until the trial. Or he might have moved to Minnesota to live with Osler.
The idea of assigning Winnie the Pooh characters to vice presidents got me thinking...

What about Eeyore?
Cheney of the Wood... except
He can't hold a gun.
Oooo ... nice 'un, Micah!
I agree! RRL made me laugh the most ("Eat piglet"), but Micah wins.
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