Friday, January 20, 2012


Haiku Friday: The best state

What is the best state of them all?

Sure (according to the song) Louisiana has the best coach, best team, and best ethics laws, but a lot of it is pretty depressing. So, let's hear some other opinions-- in haiku!

Here is mine:

Best state? It's Vermont!
Minnesota with mountains
And crazy people.

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and if you win, you will get your bio here on Monday!

I start with shameless name dropping because I know the Auto Tune guys. In fact, they have played the piano in my mother's living room, well two of the three. So obviously...

It's South Dakota.
You don't know why but let it
be South Dakota.
Best State? OREGON.
Rain, Lewis, Clark, Ducks,Beavers..
NOTHING not to like.

Except Explosions.
Sara, you know them!?! So cool!


Texas is the best.
Some states have class, some have style,
Texas has chutzpa.
Oh, come on, Osler!
Best state is euphoria.
(Is that in Kansas?)
Washington's my choice--
Blue Pacific, mountain views,
Sometimes even sun.
I don't like either rain or beavers, so Oregon is out. South Dakota's appeal is secret, apparently. Washington? Eesh. Space Needle creeps me out.

My favorite state?
Ah, beauty and enchantment-
You bet! New Jersey...
North Carolina
has the best motto: “To be,
rather than to seem.”
Massachusetts, Hub
Fenway, Garden and the Cup
Where Orr is (a) God
History, commerce
beaches, mountains and rivers
Yes, it's Virginia!
She runs hot and cold
Adorns self with adobe
Pueblos,spice amor.

Come to me under
Quaking aspens,smell of pinon
Light'ning mixed lime.

New Mexico queen
Of states,Georgia O'Keefe praise
For grand
Where the grass is blue,
Horses run for red roses.
Kentucky, my home
Did someone seriously say New Jersey??

You can go to hell...
I'm going to Texas. I
think that sums it up.
(I know the contest isn't audience's favorite, but I just have to say that Renee's trio of haikus was simply beautiful!)

Redstone Arsenal:
Just a pit stop between posts,
but born in 'Bama!
Do you like to eat?
It sure does look like you do..
Lakes, hot dish, snow...
ON TOP OF inept sport teams?
Minnesota, duh.
Our state song's a Broadway tune--
when it's played, we stand.
beer. bratwurst. packers.
cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.
wisconsin, The Motherland.
The Empire state they call it,
Must be why they never mind my accent.
Home sweet home.
Renee is the POET LAUREATE of the RAZOR and probably a bunch of OTHER PLACES TOO
On Wisconsin! For
hippies and farmers alike.
Motherland indeed.
Ice, snow, frigid cold,
With warm hearts, runny noses,
It's Minnesota!
Sox Celtics Bruins Pats
Culture civilization
but it's a commonwealth
Thanks people! It used to be that I wrote one measly poem a year. Now I'm writing at least once a week. And it is delicious to read what everyone else has written.
We're proud of Texas,
And we're proud of that pride, too.
Very, very proud.

Kentucky's my choice
"Hollars" many, vibrant as
Life's hills and valleys...
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