Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Bowl Game Report!

It's been a great year for bowl games-- especially if you are a fan of Baylor. Here is an update on the action so far:

1) Alamo Bowl

Baylor 67
Univ. of Washington Muskies 54

No, I'm not making that basketball-like score up. It was an incredible game to watch, and Baylor proved that you can win ten games in a schedule packed with tough games, despite having a defense that puts up less resistance than eleven traffic cones set up at random.

2) New Mexico Nuclear Bowl

Temple Owls 74
Univ. of Wyoming Sea Cretins 72

In an attempt to generate as much scoring as the Alamo Bowl, both teams agreed to let coaches stand in as a symbolic "defense" for the second, third, and fourth quarters of the game.

3) Beef O'Brady's Bowl

Florida International Golden Samovars 10
Marshall University Flaming Goatees 20

This game avoided the defensive meltdowns seen in other bowls by having Mr. O'Brady play quarterback for both teams.

4) Rose Bowl

Oregon Super Ducks 45
Wisconsin Cheese 37

Though the game itself was pretty good, the highlight was the halftime show, during which the Oregon marching band performed a medley of songs reflecting a small portion of the felonies committed by the Oregon team this year.

5) BCS National Championship

Alabama 2

In a defensive struggle many people predicted would be "legendary," Alabama's safety with four seconds remaining was the difference.

Is that Kendall Wright (the golfer) in the photo?

Also, what about the Fight Hungry Kraft Bowl?
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