Saturday, January 28, 2012


Another murder

When I was a Rotary Club member back in Grosse Pointe, one of the core members of the club was Bob Bashara; he and his wife, Jane, were stalwarts of the community. It was with great sadness that I read about Jane's murder this week.

One thing I have learned in a career in criminal law is not to pick a murderer based on press reports. There are many levels to this story, it seems, and all of them are tragic. I hope that in the end the case is closed with the right person convicted, whether it is Bob or someone else.

Did you notice that the police are questioning the husband and he is their only person of interest at this point? So sorry to hear that this is happening to your friend.
The entire town is just completely freaked out by this right now.. They lived two houses from my Dad on Middlesex! I guess the police HAVE TO consider the husband But... The entire thing is just SAD SAD SAD.
I am sorry for your loss,Professor.There are no words for this but those. A few years ago a flight attendant of ours was murdered on a layover in Detroit. For years that sorrow and fear were another thing we carried with us on our trips. Excruciating.
I just did some checking (the statistics are about a year old). Detroit's murder rate, while unacceptable, is in the range of most cities its size. Perhaps there is a tendency to "pile on" Detroit after all it has been through in the past few decades. For those who already have a number of built-in prejudices they can say, "See? I told you so. What did you expect?" I'm sorry for your loss, Mark. I really am. I really hope that Detroit rebounds some day.
Now Huffington Post is reporting that the husband failed a part of the lie detector test, but they will not say which part. Well, if your wife was just murdered, wouldn't you maybe flunk too? I am sure I would. He is probably all freaked out, overwhelmed with grief and sadness and worry he cannot even think correctly. I Cannot picture that this guy is involved. I mean, WHO DOES THAT??
Oh - so sad!. My parents were good friends of Bob's parents.
maybe you should check for some insight into the husband that might surprise you.
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