Wednesday, December 07, 2011



I just got home from the excellent Wilco concert at the State Theater here in Minneapolis. The opening act was Nick Lowe, who joined Wilco for "Cruel to be Kind" as a second encore. I have previously featured that song here on the Razor, and love this video, which was partly filmed at Lowe's own wedding to Carlene Carter, a daughter of June Carter's and a stepdaughter of Johnny Cash. Dave Edmunds appears as the limo driver:

The band (Rockpile) was there for the wedding, so they didn't have drums and had to borrow a kit from local LA band, The Textones. The photographer is played by Rockpile drummer Terry Williams, who later played with Dire Straits during their run of hits.

Ok, true story: when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I heard Cruel to Be Kind somewhere and became slightly obsessed with it. I wrote the lyrics on the front of one of my little black-and-white notebooks, until someone told me that was kind of weird.

Now that I've seen the video, I think I'm going to become slightly obsessed with Carlene's wedding hair.
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