Saturday, December 24, 2011


Christmas Eve Reconcilliation

Today I have a piece in the Dallas Morning News that I co-authored with a new friend and collaborator, Randy Roberts Potts. It's wonderful that the DMN is running it on Christmas Eve; the title is There's Hope for Reconciliation Between Religious Right, Progressives.

Here is part of the article:

In working on the death penalty we have found that conservative Christians are very often principled, even when they disagree with us. When we talk about Christ as the subject of an unjust execution, or about the Eucharist as the last meal of a condemned man, they listen and consider it fairly. The discussion is worth it.

Even on the politically charged issue of gay men and women, we often find common ground. When we talk about reducing things like drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and homelessness in gay teenagers, we find that many pastors, youth ministers and lay people share our concerns. While many conservative Christians do not believe that the Bible permits same-sex marriage, they do agree that concepts of grace and charity as taught in the New Testament argue for a more loving, affirming approach to gay men and women.

Christmas is a season of reconciliation, and this could be one of the most significant reconciliations of all. Both social progressives and conservative Christians are fellow travelers who care about something more than money, who seek deep meaning, and who take joy in the uplifting of others.

Jesus broke bread with a man he knew would betray him, and another he knew would deny him; the least that any of us can do is seek the same with those who have opposed us.

I hope that people understand how gracious this statement is for Randy to make, and I admire him the way that I admire my other heroes of forgiveness, like Jeanne Bishop. If you don't know Randy's story, you can see some of it here:

Just read the full article...nice work.
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