Saturday, December 31, 2011


Things that went missing in 2011

Happy New Year's Eve! Lots of other news outlets are making lists of people who died in the past year, but here at the Razor I'd like to recognize stuff that just kind of disappeared for no reason.

1. Long Distance Phone Calls

Not so long ago, long distance phone calls were a big deal-- I remember shushing people who were trying to interrupt my phone conversation by mouthing the words "long distance!" Now... not such a big deal.

2. Fun new airlines

For most of the last 30-some years, it has been great to watch kooky new airlines (remember People Express?) crop us every year. That era seems to be over though-- the victim of tight credit.

3. Using the left lane for passing

When did it become ok to just cruise along in the left lane all the time? Not so long ago, it was just Bob Dole doing this, but now it seems very common-- and dangerous and annoying.

4. Boxing

Who is the heavyweight champion of the world right now? No one knows!

5. Atlantic City

Wasn't it supposed to be the next Las Vegas? Somehow, it kinda faded.

6. Football conferences

Remember back when Oklahoma/Nebraska was a huge rivalry game? When the Big 12 had 12 members, and the Big Ten had 10? When you could schedule things three years in advance? Forget all that- rivalries are as passé as scheduling Baylor for an easy homecoming win.

7. Television sit-coms

Gone, pretty much, though I'm not sure why.

8. Breakfast

It's pretty much a snack now. What happened to the days when (at least according to Super Sugar Bear) a "complete breakfast" was a big bowl of Super Sugar Crisp, juice, toast, another kind of toast, and milk?

9. The names Dot, Albert, Betty, and Dick

The most popular name for baby boys in 2011 was "Aiden." Huh.

That's all I have-- who can come up with a 10th?

"Moderate Republicans"- truly no longer in existence.

Spot on, young chap!
Christmas caroling. But, let's be honest, I don't think anyone misses hearing me belt out my favorite on the doorstep.

Apparently, there are still people named Dot in Springfield.
'common' courtesy - thank you notes, holding doors for persons of any sex with packages, strollers, etc.

Speed limits on the interstate - I drove over 3,000 long trip miles in 10 states this year, and the defacto limit is 80 to 85, irrespective of any dejure posted limits

Cursive handwriting - what will happen to the concept of a legal signature? Any thoughts?

Land lines

Stamps to pay bills
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