Sunday, December 18, 2011


Sunday Reflection: Retailers, please don't call it "Christmas."

Like some others, I have heard a fair amount of complaining about retailers who call this time of the year the "holidays" rather than "Christmas." For what it is worth, I disagree. I would love it if retailers disassociated entirely from the Christian holiday of Christmas. The best thing for Christians would be if those trying to sell us things would ignore Christmas altogether. That way, the holiday could be more about... well, you know.

How can Christmas be about what I see in the Macy's flyer? I learned a lot about this from an 8-year-old who once told me this: "I think God had Jesus be born in a stable so that we remember that great things can come from poor people." Yet, the message of the retailers is that great things-- i.e., the gift of an expensive watch-- come from riches.

So they can leave Christmas out of it, and that's fine with me.

I don't know if it's still this way in Poland or not, but a friend who used to live there told me that kids get a little gift on St. Nicholas Day, and then on Christmas they go to Mass. That's it.
As I do like to say, let's put the MASS back in Christmas.

We will be celebrating the Solstice this week with a festival of light.
Yay Chirstine! The Winter Solstice is one of my favorite days of the year. My daughter and I celebrate it too.

The thing is, none of this other "busy nonesense" is going away. It's how we process it all that makes the difference.
Wendy - out here in the woods, late at night it can be pretty dark. Last night the stars began the festival early. The sky was clear, we are close to a new moon and one could see the 'regular' stars and planets, plus several layers deeper with the naked eye.
Commercialized Christmas Blessings-

Realization of the "busy nonsense", a nudge towards reflection. Reflection, a reawakening of the Season's opportunities to reach out, share treasured memories, embrace special moments - and with new friends, share or initiate new traditions.

With anticipation, what burns most fervently in your heart this time of year, which new friend or stranger will you embrace?

May the miracle of the Christ Child's birth continue to inspire during the Season and throughout the New Year.

With the blessing of each new tomorrow, "spend some time contemplating the enormity of God’s decision to become human…and what it says about God’s love for us." - Susan Stabile, Creo en Dios 12-18-11
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