Sunday, January 01, 2012


Sunday Reflection: The New Year

It is a new year.

Yes, it's an arbitrary demarcation, no more significant in its fundamentals than the odometer flipping 10,000 in the car, but that does not mean it is without meaning. It's symbolic, yes, but symbols are the most powerful things in our society- what tyrants and heroes alike rely upon to change the world.

And what does it symbolize? A new beginning, a time to set your feet firmly and look forward boldly, imagining what may lie ahead. This is important; what we create is a product, after all, of what we first imagine.

Time and again, that was Christ's message, too. In my church, there is a cross, but no one upon it. That's because Christ is gone-- gone from the cross, gone from the tomb, gone on to live some more, the new beginning.

This can be as religious a holiday as we choose to make it. There is nothing more profound in faith, after all, than the opportunity to be remade.

This is exactly the perfect message for the day-and year.
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