Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Something about this baby Jesus is.... strange

[Click on the image to enlarge it-- if you dare!]

I walked by a manger scene in Virginia a few weeks ago, and had to circle back to take a photo of the baby Jesus shown here. What is it about this particular baby Jesus that seems off?

The eyes!
The Hair!
Looks a bit cherubic as opposed to a "new born".
The Thing Extending from Behind the Left Knee! I've enlarged it twice and I'm still ... concerned.
All of the above, plus his left hand is missing...hope that thing behind the left knee is not it. And I don't know if see dots, but there's a dot between his eyes. I've seen that dot on hindu babies and hindu women, it's the third eye and it's supposed to keep them safe...but on baby Jesus it looks a little odd.
I'm not an expert on this, but... isn't he unusually large for a newborn, too?
upon closer inspection - this is just creepy.

The forehead thing looks like a chip in the plaster or whatever.... What arethe eyeballs missing - do they light up at night?

More like the son of Chuckie than baby Jesus.
It appears as though someone stole the handle off the side if reproduction period barcalounger, a real tragedy.
He's also lit from below, which is how monsters and psychotics in horror movies are illuminated.
The Thing, cited by "Anonymous", looks very much like a link of boudin.

I'm also troubled by the blue eyes and blond hair, but I have no evidence to challenge that, since the baby book of the Child has been lost.
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