Tuesday, December 13, 2011


News from IPLawGuy's Pod in Space!

Christmas Pod
by: oslerguy

IPLawguy loves cats. He loves every kind of cat.
I'll bet his law office is covered in Cat posters.

I wonder if the drip FOLLOWS HIM. Even to the COURTROOM.
No. It's a water leak in his Pod in Space.
Does IPLAWGUY really have a cat named "Justin Leper?" If so, that is nice.
Justin Leper would be a good name for a cat, but I would call him Lep.

The current cats in the IPLawHousehold are Lionel and Tango. Aurora went down the street to live with neighbors.

We also have a dog named Rosie, or IPDog.

Past IPLawcats include Shadow, Dale and Fluffy.

There's only one cat photo in my office. Plus the screen saver on my computer.
So Aurora and Fluffy were correct?
So if it is a leak in the pod why does it go away when IPLAWGUY LEAVEs?

So that cat that went to go live with the old lady never came back then?
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