Saturday, December 17, 2011


IPLawGuy's second favorite band!

Or at least it was back in college... now with more gossip.

Correction. My favorite live band then and now. I saw them play just a couple weeks ago. They still rock the house.

The Prof. neglects to say that Skip Castro ("Skip") played for our fraternity's Spring Sweetheart Dance three years running. He also was involved in an equipment exchange between Skip and the Nighthawks.

The guitar exchange story is true, but it did not involve Skip. The Nighthawks were playing Desperados on M Street and George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers were playing at the Cellar Door across the street. This was in the late 70's, before radio controlled amps. All guitars were on cords. Thackery and Thorogood did meet in the middle of M Street and switch guitars and followed the instruments' respective cords back to the other guy's band.

Bo Randall of Skip Castro did walk back behind stage at a show when warming up for Thorogood and hand Lonesome George his guitar. Thorogood came back out and finished the song with Skip.
one, that was awful. self-indulgent and just plain old awful.
two, who knew bates played the ivories? i guess you do learn something new every day. well, two things, when you consider my newfound knowledge that skip castro is awful.
that video did serve one positive purpose, though-- it reminded me that i had an awesome dream last night in which i was at a jefferson airplane concert, standing just offstage, when their keyboard player was stricken and they inexplicably turned to me as a fill-in. i remember not knowing how to play any of the songs and just hitting random chords and notes, but the audience seemed to enjoy it.
how many of you can say you played with jefferson airplane/starship?? huh? probably not many. definitely not skip castro.
(for some reason, i have a feeling in my gut that bob darden, wacoan of the year, has a ridiculously AWESOME story about jefferson airplane.)
I heart Jefferson Airplane. "Volunteers" is my favorite rock song.

However, in my dream I am forced to play with Starship.
ha! funny thing is, mark, i'm pretty sure (darn near 100 percent) that it was listening to "volunteers" yesterday that led to such a fantastic dream.
while i'll give a strong nod to "volunteers," i'm partial to "jane."
(and yes, i recognize that "jane" was jefferson starship, post-jefferson airplane, pre-starship.)
Well, I'm not even talking about Jefferson Starship, but the later, worse version that just went by "Starship."
or is this just his ultimate fav band?
Well I never saw any version of the Airplane or the Starship, but I did see Hot Tuna once and I say with full authority that Jorma Kaukonnen is amazing.
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