Friday, December 09, 2011


Haiku Friday: What is your elf name?

I'm a little obsessed with elves at the moment.

Industrious, focused, jolly, and they work for the ultimate job creator. What's not to love?

As part of my obsession, I have been pondering my elf name. I have rejected Sparkles, Prong, Snickers, and Bluto. The winner, on the other hand will be reflected in my haiku below:

What is my elf name?
Based on my main hobby,
I choose "Doggerel."

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 again. Note that the first line of "What is my elf name?" works pretty well...

The winner, as usual, gets his or her biography right here on Monday!

Some see the plight of the elves in a different light...

My elf name? Crinkles.
But we elves don't choose our fate..
Santa says "Toby."
My Elf Name: Stinkles.
Wait - you want my elf name? OR
The name of my elf?
I am happy elf!
Making toys good fun for all
Friends call me Tub.
The elf that studies,
Intrepid be my name,
In my mind only.
As the first elf to
Conquer the Hollywood scene,
I'm Santa's "Top Gun"!
My elf name is Ears!
Blessed with actual elf ears,
Maybe I am elf?
ALF already has
a name; it's Gordon Schumway--
wait... did you say elf?
Teacup Q. Tippler
Born with bone china to lips
Tea? Scotch? Quaff I,sips.
Chapeau Cherie I
Claim as my name,eschew plain.
Bare heads I disdain.
Santa's best helper
A little round and "tine"y
I am the elf ~ SPORK
Just for those of you who don't know, ALF is a fictional 80's television character. ALF is not actually the character's name; it is an acronym that stands for "alien life form." ALF's real name really is Gordon Schumway.

ALF, like elves, is focused, jolly, and the product of childish imagination. Unlike elves, however, ALF works for the real-life ultimate job creator as opposed to the make-believe ultimate job creator: teevee. Coincidentally, teevee is also a real life productivity ruiner. Strange how it turns out that way, huh?
an elf called teevee--
i lay around in the shop
getting in the way
Blue from frigid Minneclime
"Shiver Tush" I am.
Holly Jolly Curse-
and-swear. Not Christmas Bear, you
silly puritan.
What is my elf name?
Probably Surly, still
It's better than "Stinky."
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