Friday, December 16, 2011


Haiku Friday: Noobs!

Yesterday, I included a graphic that used the phrase "Noobs Throwing Cans," but I have no idea what a Noob is. A new observer? A bad elf? Someone who was abandoned at a gas station in Iowa? Your guess is as good as mine... and guess we shall! Use the first line "So, what is a Noob?" Then have a second line of seven syllables, and a third with five.

I'll go first:

So, what is a noob?
I figure it must be a cross
'tween Newt and Goober.

Now it is your turn! The winner gets their bio here on Monday...

You really want me?
Oh yeah, I've played lots of times.
Crap. Dead already.
what's a n00b? it's a
h4xor-w4nn4b3 pu/\/k wh0s3
4lw4yZ 9377in9 pwned!!!!!!!!!!1

[for reference, see the history and orthography sections at the following address:]
So, what is a noob?
Person who gets atrrested

Such as this:

A guy here in Portland went insane in a TOYS R US attacking shoppers with a Star Wars Light Saber....

I woudl say that's your classic NOOB.
^^^ definitely falls under the definition of pwned!
People, please, in haiku. It's Friday.
n00bz r n0t h4x0rz
They teamkill, spawn camp and troll
they r teh sux0rz
So, what is a noob?
The opposite of oldbie.
It is just misspelled.
So what is a noob?
Surgeon-crafted brand new boobth.
Star now knew the truth.

Professor,could we please go back to haiku-ing about idyllic summer? This is killing me!
Came to a strange town
Couldn't find my way 'roud
Felt like such a noob.
So, what is a noob?
Not "Noob." N zero zero
BS - make sense now?
Haiku about boobs?
Osler is out of his mind.
Best Haiku Friday.
So, what is a n00b?
Slow to rez and causing lag -
Go to Help Island!
Here you can learn all you ever wanted to know about noobs.
@Mark Osler: strike that, reformed:

canterbury, he's
pwned by the cops for fake toy
assault! what a n00b.


people, please: haiku!
friday is the poem day
we write only poems
as last weeks winner
I refrain from haiku-ing
although tis Friday

The topic of noobs
is just too esoteric
for I am elf ~ Spork

Reindeer require
my care and food before next
weekends main event
So, what is a noob?
Ignorant of a lot but
doesn't care one whit.

So, what is a noob?
One who has much to learn but
won't try to one bit.

So, what is a noob?
Not "newb" or "newbie" but an
error-making buffoon.

So, what is a noob?
A tea partier with a
misspelled protest sign.

So, what is a noob?
Rick Perry thinking he can
become President.

So, what is a noob?
Anyone who cares about
the Kardashians.

So, what is a noob?
Those watching TV shows that
have the word "Jersey".

So, what is a noob?
Perhaps someone writing eight
haiku and not working?
So, what is a noob?
Its that awkward moment when
You think you've been left.

(In the only gas station around....).
So what is a noob?
Snow fell upon the Noobs;all
Egypt was gobsmacked.
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So,what is a noob?
An unfortunate knob where
One's nose ought to be.
what is a noob?
An insatiable cootie--
Jigs on pink booties.
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